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Mission & Vision

The core objective of the foundation is to positively impact and influence the lives and surroundings of those in the region of Kathiwada but not limited to it. The wide range of parameters set aside by the foundation allows it the flexibility to problem-solve with changing times and changing needs. The foundation works to preserve and re-build the ecosystem championing the causes that need immediate attention and action. Join us on one of several curated trips between November and February to Kathiwada Raaj Mahal and immerse yourself in experiences of giving that celebrate the work of our foundation. 

Empowering people to care for all beings and the environment in which for all to thrive. A complete ecosystem upliftment.

Our Mission

To create the infrastructure and platforms required to fulfil our vision in collaboration with people and organisations who champion the causes for change.


Our Vision

To create a harmonised ecosystem

for man, animal and environment to survive and thrive beyond our generations.

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