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Cricket, Kabaddi & Volleyball

While Cricket, Kabaddi and Volleyball already occupy the central psyche of the people of Kathiwada. It is now time to introduce various new sports and games for the youth and general audience of the region.

Never before in the history of independent India has this region had a sports facility. The DSK Sports Club, established in 2016 was the first such public sporting facility here.

Built on the erstwhile principality polo grounds, it was the most relevant location to re-build a sporting eco-system. While soft-ball cricket was being played on the streets and open fields, a lush cricket ground was built from scratch elevating the budding young talent to leather ball cricket. Along the way, a supportive grant from the Authors Cricket Club, England helped propel the excitement and encouraged the youth to participate more deeply in infrastructure building activities for the ground. Eventually a team of volunteers have come together to manage the facility while the Kathiwada Foundation provides for all operational expenses.

The cricket ground is complimented by a kabaddi and volleyball court which are often lit-up for local winter tournaments and the larger annual khel mahautsav.

The cricket ground is host to many visiting teams year round who travel from far and wide to get an unparalleled experience.

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