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Empowering Entrepreneurs

Kathiwada is a slow growth region with most income either by way of sustenance agriculture or those in the service industry.

Tourism, Horticulture & Cottage Industry

In order to create wealth, a new revenue generation machinery must be created. In order for that to happen key sectors like agriculture, tourism and cottage industry products are being considered as fruitful revenue streams.

Free land can be provided to entrepreneurs to set up services offered to the local tourists who visit the region regularly for its flora and fauna options.

Horticulture promotion with guaranteed buy-back schemes can also be facilitated as Kathiwada is home to indigenous variety of mangoes which are already very famous for its quality.

Cottage industry such as pottery, bead-craft and pithora can be promoted online and exported to cities.

The foundation aims to work on a system to create employment in all these categories.

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